Vent-A-Hood Cleaning

Vent-A-Hoods are a unique kitchen ventilation system that are especially useful in large or busy kitchen environments. They are often found in restaurants, cafeterias, and commercial kitchens everywhere. Although they serve a very practical purpose, they are often neglected when it comes to maintaining them on a regular basis. When Vent-A-Hoods are not properly cleaned, they can become a fire hazard. In fact, estimates show that over 30,000 fires occur annually due to unclean Vent-A-Hoods. That is just a tragic number. Are you wondering what you can do in order to clean your own Vent-A-Hood system?

Our staff at Hydro-Clean Services, Inc. is trained and prepared to clean even the dirtiest of all Vent-A-Hood systems. Our unique cleaning process and our ability to properly dispose of collected grease is unmatched by any other competitor. We offer a methodical cleaning process that rids your Range Hood of all greasy substances. In addition, it helps eliminate any bacteria or other contaminates that may have collected on the Vent-A-Hood’s surface or interior. Here are some great tips on range hood maintenance.

How Often Should I Clean My Range Hood?

Research shows that Vent-A-Hoods should be cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning it regularly not only helps limit the chance of fire from occurring, but it also provides the healthiest environment possible. Our company’s goal is to earn your trust and loyalty with our exceptional service and superior customer satisfaction, which can lead to a long-term relationship and regular cleanings for your Vent-A-Hood system.

Hydro-Clean Services Inc. also offers supplies for your Vent-A-Hood system, including a full line of filters and a rooftop grease control product, called the Grease Gutter. With a simple installation, we can help you manage your grease collection and ensure that your kitchen has all the tools necessary to promote safety and a healthy environment.

If you are responsible for a busy kitchen with a Vent-A-Hood system, then we would like to be your partner in the cleaning realm of things. Our knowledge of the system and our expertise in cleaning can help you provide a safe place to cook and work for a long time to come. We guarantee our best service!

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