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Hydro-Clean Services, Inc. is the number one pressure washing company that specializes in vent a hood cleaning in Vidor. If you are in need of a vent hood cleaning in Vidor, then call our experienced and top-rated team today for a free quote and consultation.

Our vent a hood cleaning service is second to none. Vent a Hoods, a unique kitchen ventilation system, are especially useful in large or busy kitchens like those found in restaurants, cafeterias, and commercial kitchens. They are often neglected when it comes to regular maintenance, and when they are not properly cleaned can become a fire hazard. In fact, estimates show that over 30,000 fires occur annually due to vent a hoods that were not properly cleaned.

Cleaning Your Vent a Hood Made Easy

Ever wondered what cleaning a vent a hood would entail? Our staff at Hydro-Clean Services, Inc. is trained and prepared to clean your vent a hood system, no matter how long it’s been since its last cleaning. We utilize a unique cleaning process to properly dispose of collected grease. In fact, we offer a methodical cleaning process that rids your range hood of all greasy substances as well. This vent a hood cleaning Vidor process also eliminates any bacteria or other containments that may have collected on the vent a hood’s surface or interior.

Our recommended vent a hood cleaning service will also include an entire kitchen exhaust system clean, proper disposal of wastewater, and cleaning the area and the floor of footprints. Recommended optional services including rinsing grease from the roof, rinsing grease from the parking lot, cleaning the grease trap, replacing broken baffle filters, replacing filters on make-up air units, cleaning of your ceiling, and cleaning of the tile floors.

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Vent a hood cleaning service should occur on a regular basis. That’s why Hydro-Clean Services, Inc. wants to earn your trust and loyalty with our exceptional service and superior customer satisfaction in hopes that we can build a long-term relationship resulting in regular cleanings to your vent a hood system. Don’t just take our word for it either. There are several agencies and institutions that require the kitchen exhaust system to be cleaned, including the fire marshall, food or health inspectors, insurance companies, foodservice operators, and more.

Hydro-Clean Services, Inc. was founded by Joey Hilliard, who still serves as president of our company. Our staff has grown and we continue to offer the hands-on experience and wealth of knowledge that our company was founded with. We are a full-service washing company that specializes in pressure and soft washing for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

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Hydro-Clean Services, Inc., is proud to serve the Vidor TX region since 1991. Vidor is a city in Southeast Texas near Beaumont and Port Arthur. The city has been called home but a number of notable people, including a number of country music artists such as Tracy Byrd, George Jones, and Clay Walker.

Whether you are looking at vent a hood cleaning in Vidor, or have generalized residential or commercial pressure washing needs, call us today for a free price quote and consultation regarding your special project!

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