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Did you know that the leading cause of grease fires is due to a dirty vent a hood? While vent a hoods play an essential role in your kitchen, they need to be well-maintained, clean, and checked for needed repairs on a routine basis. Taking any precaution you can to prevent a fire from breaking out in your commercial kitchen is of utmost importance, and one way you can do that is by having our team at Hydro-Clean Services Inc. clean your range hoods for you. Our restaurant hood cleaning in Orange, TX, is a simple way to make your kitchen just a little bit safer. 

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As a business owner, your business is one of your greatest investments. This means that you have to do whatever you can to protect your investment, keep your customers and employees safe, and take the necessary precautions to avoid any disasters from breaking out. While it’s possible for you or your employees to clean your own range hoods, we recommend that you don’t. It’s better to hire on a professional who has training and experience cleaning vent a hoods. Our team knows the ins and outs of cleaning range hoods, and we have our techniques, methods, and safety protocols down pat so we can provide you with a range hood cleaning service in a timely manner. Cleaning your own vent a hood could take hours, and you may not be able to get all of the built-up materials that are caked on the interior and exterior of your vent a hood.

When particles are missed, it defeats the purpose of having your vent a hood cleaned, as it’s not truly getting the complete and thorough cleaning it needs. With over thirty years of experience serving the community and surrounding areas with top-rated services, our team is well-equipped to handle all types of range hoods, whether it’s completely filthy or needs a little freshening up. You can trust that we provide the best hood cleaning service Orange, TX, residents rely on. We also provide other services besides our commercial hood cleaning service, as we offer supplies that will keep your vent well-maintained. We offer a product called the Grease Gutter. The Grease Gutter is a rooftop grease containment product that discharges grease from all four sides, and it’s made to absorb the grease while also allowing water to pass through it. We also offer a full line of filters. Whether you’re looking for routine commercial kitchen hood cleaning services or need products to stick with the upkeep of your vent a hood, our team is just a phone call away.

The Importance Of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

When it comes to vent a hoods, they are used in a variety of places, like restaurants and other commercial kitchens. It doesn’t matter what type of food your business makes or the size of your kitchen, if you neglect your range hood, you’re putting a big target on your business to be a part of the devastating statistics as it’s a huge fire hazard. Approximately thirty thousand fires are started due to a dirty vent a hood. While accidents happen in the kitchen and fires aren’t completely preventable, ensuring that your vent a hood is clean and well-maintained is the first step in making your kitchen a safer one. Not to mention, the dust, grease, and food particles that are just sitting on your vent a hood aren’t providing you with the healthy environment you’re trying to create as a business owner in the food industry. To get your vent a hood clean, we make sure that we thoroughly clean every compartment of this system. While it’s not hard to miss tiny spectacles of food or dust, we aim to get your range hoods as clean as possible. We don’t overlook any small crevices or spots, and we get the job done correctly the first time around during your kitchen exhaust cleaning service. Our goal is to make this process go as smoothly as possible for you. It’s important to us that you have an excellent customer experience. You no longer need to be on the lookout for hood cleaning near me when you have a team like ours on your side.

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To promote the longevity of your range hood, reduce the chance of a fire, and save yourself and your staff money and time, we highly recommend our vent a hood cleaning in Orange, TX. For more information regarding our exhaust hood cleaning service, and the other services we have to offer, or for a quick and free estimate, make sure you get in touch with our team today!

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